Michael Patterson

Owner & Driver

Howdy! I'm the owner and operator here on the ranch. I grew up in the Pigeon Lake Area and have lived here most of my life. I have a great love for all horses. Here on the ranch we have two Belgian teams, Quarter horses for trail rides and roping, and Paint horses for trail rides and breeding. 

My mission is to help folks create lasting memories with the use of my horses and the beautiful province we live in.


Karen Sterling

Driver & Barn Manager

Hi there! I'm the second in command and pasture manager here on the ranch. Horses have been my lifeline and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm an Alberta 4-H Alumni, retired 4-H club leader and mom of 4 kids (all now Alumni). 

My knowledge and experience with horses date back to many years teaching new riders the craft of horsemanship. With these notches in my belt I'm excited to continuing sharing my passion and knowledge to all our guests here on the ranch!


TUG (1).jpg


PETE (1).jpg


Say hello to Tug and Pete, one of our Belgian Teams.

Pete is 14 years old and Tug is 7.

When our company started taking off we were in need of another strong and capable team. Pete and Tug, an already established pair, became available from the Edson area a few years back so we set out and helped move these big boys to the ranch. We are so happy to have them apart of the family and as one of our primary teams!

DOC (1).jpg


BETTY (1).jpg


Say hi to Doc and Betty.

These gentle horses make our second Belgian team.

Doc is 20 years old and Betty is 12.

Doc has been in the family for quite some time now and along side his now retired partner Duke, Doc has been one of the quietest and most capable horses here at the ranch. When Duke was coming up to retirement and inquiring about his pension, we needed a new recruit for his replacement. Betty, our newest addition here at the ranch, became available and was hired on the spot as Doc's new partner. We are so happy to have her on board!

IRISH (1).jpg


BARNEY (1).jpg


Say hi to Barney and Irish.

These two beauties are our Clydesdale team.

Barney is 18 years old and Irish is 16.

A while back Barney had lost his team mate Fred and was a lone boy for a while. Irish also lost her team mate a while back and was looking for a right hand man. Bringing these two amazing horses together made one of our loveliest teams here on the ranch. These two are so well bonded they don't leave each others side.




Say hi to Duke.

Duke is our retired Belgian cross here at the Ranch.

After a couple last sleigh pulls he handed in his notice this winter for 2021 and started working on his retirement plan.

He's currently lounging at the all you can eat buffet and spending lots of time having coffee while visiting with pasture friends.

We have heard through the grapevine he's planning a trip to Hawaii once travel restrictions lift.

He's also talked with our Ranch hands to let them know he'd love to visit with kids to tell them all about his golden years.

We appreciate all the amazing rides Duke has given us and love all that this boy has offered.

If you're ever visiting the Ranch please feel free to ask if you can give him a visit and extra treat!

Careful though, he will talk you to sleep!