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Michael Patterson

Owner & Driver

Howdy! I'm the owner and operator here on the ranch. I grew up in the Pigeon Lake Area and have lived here most of my life. I have a great love for all horses. Here on the ranch we have Belgian teams, Quarter horses, and Paint horses for trail rides and breeding. 

My mission is to help folks create lasting memories with the use of my horses and the beautiful province we live in.


Karen Sterling

Owner & Horsemanship Teacher

Hi there! I'm a secondary driver and horsemanship lesson teacher here at the ranch. Horses have been my lifeline and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm an Alberta 4-H Alumni, retired 4-H club leader and mom of 4 kids (all now Alumni). 

My knowledge and experience with horses date back to many years teaching new riders the craft of horsemanship. With these notches in my belt I'm excited to continuing sharing my passion and knowledge to all our guests here on the ranch!


TUG (1).jpg


PETE (1).jpg


Say hello to Tug and Pete, one of our Belgian Teams.

When our company started taking off we were in need of another strong and capable team. Pete and Tug, an already established pair, became available from the Edson area a few years back so we set out and helped move these big boys to the ranch. We are so happy to have them apart of the family and as one of our primary teams!

DOC (1).jpg


BETTY (1).jpg


Say hi to Doc and Betty.

These gentle horses make our second Belgian team.

Doc has been in the family for quite some time now and along side his partner Betty, Doc has been one of the quietest and most capable horses here at the ranch. When Betty became available, we knew she was perfect for ol' Doc.

 We are so happy to have this beautiful pair as one of our quietest and most capable team.

You'll see these two primarily at parades, events, and weddings. They're also our "training" team for our newest drivers as they have an amazing amount of patience.

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Untitled design (1).png


The Dollies!

These two gorgeous girls are half sisters and an amazing addition to our teams.

Lady and Babe are incredible and match so perfectly, you wouldn't know who is who!

You'll see these girls at many events with primary driver Mike.

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Untitled design (1).png


Joe and Cody is our team of Halflingers.

New to our Ranch in the summer of 2022, these boys are not only an amazing team, but also broke to ride!

We're so excited to have a team like these two cute boys to not only participate in events, but also to take part in our horsemanship lessons.

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